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Cook Up Hundreds of Hot Dogs In Minutes With A Hot Dog Steamer

A hot dog steamer allows operators to cook and hold a batch of hot dogs at the same time. Hot dog steamers can also warm buns so it is easy to assemble and fill orders. You can simply stack the hot dogs on top of each other so you can make the most of the available interior space as possible. A commercial hot dog steamer works by having a refillable water pan that generates steam to perfectly cook the hot dog and then keep them at the proper serving temperature so you always have one ready to serve to a hungry customer.

A hot dog steamer is great for concession stands, convenience stores, snack bars, and more. If you are looking for a hot dog broiler or a hot dog grill, CKitchen also has some great selections for you. 

A single hot steamer can fit more than 100 hot dogs and there is a separate compartment for buns. Tempered glass is usually used on a hot dog steamer to seal the warm temperature into the cabinet and protect the hot dogs from germs and other contaminants. Hot steamers also come with colorful, attractive graphics that catch the attention of customers, resulting in improved impulse sales! If you are looking for a hot dog merchandiser for your business, CKitchen has something for you.

A commercial hot dog steamer can be a profitable piece of equipment that can be used for self-service or full-service from behind the counter. Also make sure to check out other great items from Admiral Craft, Star, and APW Wyott.
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