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Retarder and Proofer Cabinets: Precision And Productivity

A retarder and proofer cabinet consolidates two important processes in dough-making. Being able to do both in a single station in your kitchen not only maximizes your space, but also makes your kitchen more productive and food waste more unlikely.

When it comes to baking bread, temperature and humidity hold so much power over the product that ends up on your customer's plate. A retarder with a proofing cabinet gives you total control. You can simply set the temperature fitting for your baking project and then watch the appliance do the rest.

Retarding slows the down the final rising of the dough, giving more room for the dough to acquire more flavor while also making the product safer to cook at a later time. This process requires much cooler temperatures. Proofing, on the other hand, marks the final rise of the dough, sealing in that finished texture and flavor before you load it on to the oven. The proof cycle is a defining process that will affect how the dough will bake. Having a retarder and proofer cabinet in a single piece of equipment

Retarder and proofer cabinets here on CKitchen offer excellent quality and performance. They are made of stainless steel for rust-resistance and are equipped with eye-level digital controls to make it easy to program in the settings such as setting a 24-hour timer for one or seven-day cycle. You can choose from single to triple-section full-height units with the option of solid or clear doors.

Our products here on CKitchen are offered at the lowest prices guaranteed complete with free shipping. We have foodservice equipment and supplies that will surely fit your needs and your budget. If you need any help during your shopping, our foodservice equipment consultants are just one call away.

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