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The Best Cold Brew Coffee Dispensers For Your Business

A cold brew coffee dispenser or a nitro coffee dispenser is a great addition to coffee shops or any foodservice operation looking to get in on the growing popularity of cold brew.

Cold brew coffee is unlike iced coffee and is achieved with specialized equipment. This product involves the use of room temperature water to soak ground beans. This process makes for a drink that is highly caffeinated with enhanced smoothness and less acid. Despite the name, cold brew coffee can be served hot or cold.

A popular type of cold brew is draft coffee, which is served right from draft coffee coolers. Nitro cold coffee, some might say, is an elevated version of it that is infused with nitrogen. This "special ingredient" makes for a sweeter, less acidic drink with a frothy top.

Our collection of draft coffee coolers and cold brew coffee dispensers make it easy for you to serve cold brew coffee to your guests. Our units have a durable stainless steel construction so that they do not easily rust, scratch, or corrode. This means these cold brew coffee dispensers will last for many years with reliable performance. Our draft coffee coolers can be built-in or freestanding so you can easily integrate them into your existing space.

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