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Medical Freezers

Medical Freezers Offer A Safe Environment For Medications, Vaccines, and Other Sensitive Materials

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Medical Freezers: For Safe Storage

A medical freezer is a specialized cold storage solution for laboratory and medical applications.  Designed for storing vaccines, medications, chemicals, medical or research samples, and other sensitive items with unique storage requirements, medical freezers are able to operate at a specific temperature and consistently maintain it, protecting the items that could otherwise be ruined in a conventional unit.

Designed for use in hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories, medical freezers can reach low temperatures compared to standard freezers in order to keep the original qualities of the contents. Standard medical freezers can hit as low as -31 degrees Fahrenheit although there are ultra-low freezers available those who need extremely cold storage environments.

Medical freezers are available in various styles to fit specific needs. Upright freezers make the most use of your floor space by using vertical space for storage so they should be easier to add to medical facilities. These are also the safer choice if you anticipate storing more items in the near future. While the upfront cost may be higher, it will save you the headache of looking for additional space for a brand new piece of equipment.

CKitchen offers one and two-section upright medical freezers from trusted brands like Liebherr that provide a lot of room for a large number of items, complete with adjustable shelvings that help you easily organize everything and make full use of the available space to safely fit as many items as possible.

If you are only storing a limited amount of items, you can go with undercounter medical freezers that can easily use the space beneath a cabinet or counter. There are units that you can simply position under a counter or even build into a cabinet. The former is a less expensive option that can typically be plugged and put to use almost immediately. The latter may require professional installation, but it offers the benefit of seamless style.

There are also chest type medical freezers that provide access from the top instead of the front, which is the case with upright freezers. These units tend to be very large as well, which can be perfect for larger items but may prove challenging when it comes to organizing a large batch of contents. Additionally, they will take up more floor space because they have a horizontal design.

Maintaining the temperature is important when storing medication and laboratory samples, so most medical freezers have a digital display that instantly lets you know the precise interior temperature to make monitoring much easier.

Security is also a priority when it comes to sensitive items tat medical freezers are tasked to store, so it important that the doors are also lockable to prevent unauthorized access, theft, and tampering while also reducing the frequency in which the doors are opened. There are also visual and audible alarms that alert you about extreme temperature changes to address the issue immediately.

CKitchen is home to a large selection of refrigeration solutions from some of the most trusted brands in the business today. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed plus free shipping so you can outfit your operation with only the best. If you require any assistance during your shopping, don't hesitate to send an email or give us a call so one of our equipment consultants can help.