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Medical Undercounter Freezers

Keep Sensitive Items Safe and Secure With Our Medical Undercounter Freezers

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Medical Undercounter Freezers: Safe Compact Storage

Medical undercounter freezers are a cold storage solution tailored for use in laboratories, hospitals, and other medical facilities. These units have a lower temperature range than normal units to create the ideal environment for scientific items that they will store. They also offer precise temperature control and monitoring to ensure that the items are stored at the safest temperatures.

These small upright freezers are ideal for those looking for a storage system for a small number of items or those with very limited space. Since they are compact, undercounter medical freezers are easy to integrate into your space. These medical freezers are designed to fit beneath a counter so that no additional floor space is taken up and that existing hidden space is simply converted.

Unlike general purpose freezers you will find in professional and commercial foodservice settings, these high-performance refrigeration systems are designed to meet the temperature demands of sensitive items like medications, vaccines, laboratory samples, and medical samples. However, medical undercounter freezers still share the same qualities as conventional freezers. They have shelvings that allow you to adjust the interior to your specific storage requirements.

CKitchen has a great selection of high-quality medical refrigerators and freezers from industry-leading brands such as Liebherr. These units are perfect for storing flammable materials. They have a lockable door to protect the contents from theft or tampering. They also have visual and audible alarms that kick in when there is a sudden change in the temperature so you can immediately address the problems without damaging the contents. We also have a great selection of undercounter refrigerators for medical applications. For larger storage needs, there are reach-in medical freezers are all well as chest freezers.

We offer the lowest prices guaranteed on some of the best equipment in the market from industry-leading brands. If you need any assistance in choosing your next medical freezer or any other piece of equipment for your operation, don't hesitate to call or email us so our equipment consultants can help you.