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Any high-volume commercial kitchen or food service establishment can benefit from a pass-through refrigerator or freezer. Also called a walk-through or pass-thru refrigerator, this type of cooling unit is accessible from both sides of the cabinet, so it allows employees to pass food through the unit with ease. Many commercial kitchens feature pass-through units positioned in-between the prep and serving areas to help streamline the kitchen for workers. is an authorized dealer of the best commercial refrigeration suppliers, and we can help you find units by industry leaders like McCall Refrigeration, Master-Bilt, Beverage Air, Traulsen and Delfield. Finding a style that’s appropriate for your unique kitchen can be a challenge, but our team is always available to help if you need professional advice. If you need a large pass-through freezer or refrigerator for your bustling restaurant, catering business or any other food service operation, choose a roomy style that can accommodate several sheet pans with smaller shelving and compartments for premade sauces, side dishes, meat, dairy and more. You can choose from single-compartment styles as well as units with several different shelves and cabinets with temperatures that can be controlled digitally. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly commercial refrigerator, you’ve come to the right place at Many of these units are equipped with efficient motors and features that help prevent cold air from seeping out, plus low-maintenance and energy efficient interior LED lights. We can also help you find pass-through freezers and refrigerators that match your commercial kitchen design, with styles made from stainless steel and other sleek materials. No matter which style you choose, you can count on the guaranteed lowest prices and free shipping when you partner with for all your commercial refrigeration needs.

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  • SKU # PRO-26R-PT
  • FINANCE FOR: $110.25/mo.

  • SKU # PRO-50-4R-PT
  • FINANCE FOR: $164.35/mo.

  • SKU # PRO-50R-GSH-PT
  • FINANCE FOR: $178.37/mo.

  • SKU # PRO-50R-PT
  • FINANCE FOR: $150.78/mo.

  • SKU # RID18HC-HS
  • FINANCE FOR: $95.86/mo.

  • SKU # MPR242SSG/0X
  • FINANCE FOR: $83.22/mo.

  • SKU # MPW252SSG/0
  • FINANCE FOR: $82.76/mo.

  • SKU # MPW254SSS/0
  • FINANCE FOR: $92.34/mo.

  • SKU # MPW558SSS/8
  • FINANCE FOR: $129.14/mo.

  • SKU # G31000-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.82/mo.

  • SKU # G31001-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.82/mo.

  • SKU # G31002-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.82/mo.

  • SKU # G31003-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $185.82/mo.

  • SKU # G31010-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $179.60/mo.

  • SKU # G31011-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $179.60/mo.

  • SKU # G31012-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $179.60/mo.

  • SKU # G31013-032
  • FINANCE FOR: $179.60/mo.



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