BUNN Slushy and Frozen Drink Machines

Mix, Store, and Serve Refreshing Frozen Drinks With Frozen Beverage Machines

Frozen Beverage Machines: Freeze Your Way To The Top

You can't go wrong with serving a good old granita aka slushie or a frozen margarita. Frozen drinks are very good for your bottom line, and have truly become a reliable source of profits across the foodservice industry. Plus, the innovative technologies developed and integrated into frozen beverage machines each day are making it easier and easier for you to capture this lucrative market.

A lot of customers are fans of frozen drinks. From margaritas and daiquiris to milkshakes, frozen coffee, and frozen lemonade, you can make a lot of customers happy with just a single frozen drink machine. Even better, most of these units are designed to sit on a countertop, so that they won't have to use up additional floor space.

Frozen beverage machines, which are sometimes called slushie machines, can find use in most food service establishments. They are extremely popular in convenience stores and concession stands, but they have also become integral in a lot of bars and restaurants. These units are no longer just for summer. With the right kind of drink, you can break out a frozen beverage machine or two at any time of the year.

Frozen beverage machines are designed to mix, store, chill, and dispense frozen drinks. A slushie machine has one to four transparent bowls or hoppers that show the vibrant colors and the constant stirring of the drinks, which never fail to catch people's attention. Not all units have large clear hoppers though. There are frozen beverage machines that only have a small window through which you can only see a sneak peek of what's going on inside.

By consistently mixing the drink, frozen beverage machines keep the drink at a semi-frozen, easy-to-sip state. Frozen beverage machines also act as frozen beverage dispensers in that each hopper has a dedicated nozzle through which the drink can be easily dispensed. With regard to the output, you can get hundreds of servings per hour.

Units with multiple hoppers typically have a uniform capacity although some units are designed to have one hopper bigger than the other. Most units can hold three to six gallons of drinks, but there are large-capacity frozen beverage machines that can store more than eight gallons. For smaller operations, you can find units with one and a half-gallon capacity.

For alcoholic beverages, look for frozen beverage machines that are specifically rated to freeze alcohol. Not to worry; our units are highly versatile and can be as great for slushies as they are for margaritas. But if you're not sure which unit is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us as we will be more than happy to assist you.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to serve frozen carbonated beverages, we also have a selection of machines here on CKitchen that will suit your operation