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Hotel Ice Dispensers: Clean Ice On Tap

Hotel ice dispensers are excellent pieces of equipment that facilitate easy, convenient access to ice at all times. Despite the name, hotel ice dispensers are actually highly versatile and can provide value in just about any facility where ice is required. 

There are two types of hotel ice dispensers. One is the ice dispenser only unit that is designed to attach to a commercial ice machine head of your choice. For this reason, these hotel ice dispensers are usually freestanding.

The second type of hotel ice dispensers essentially combines hotel ice machines with ice dispensers. This design offers the advantage of a more compact design by combining both ice production and dispensing capabilities in a single package. These units are highly popular in the industry because they can be quickly set up on a countertop, saving precious floor space. Both types of hotel dispensers have a built-in storage bin where the ice is safely stored.

Whether you plan to use the unit for self-service or staff operation behind the counter, you will be well-served with our line of hotel ice dispensers.

Depending on the design, ice can be dispensed through a simple touch operation, lever activation, and auger agitator among many others. You also get to enjoy a wealth of features that make it easy for you to operate, maintain, and own the unit. From the built-in antimicrobial protection to the stainless steel exterior and smart controls, hotel ice dispensers can optimize your operation for maximum efficiency!

Hotel ice dispensers with ice-making capabilities have a wide range of production capacities to suit all scales of operations. For smaller demands, there are units capable of producing as low as 100 lbs every 24 hours. For high-volume applications in busier and more demanding settings, there are hotel ice dispensers with up to 900 lbs production capacity that will get you through the day. Hotel ice dispensers can produce all kinds of ice including ice cubes full and half-size, nugget, and pearl ice. And if you’re attaching your preferred ice machine head, you also enjoy an extra level of customization.

Hotel ice dispensers may be air-cooled or water-cooled. Which type you select depends on your facility. Air-cooled units are very easy to install and are almost always the more economical choice. However, if you operate in a location where the ambient temperature is difficult to control and contaminants like grease are consistently present, a water-cooled system will make more sense. If you're not sure which type fits your business best, don't hesitate to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have.

For added versatility and functionality, you can even opt for hotel ice dispensers that also come with a water dispenser. These are available as floor and countertop models as well. If you only need an ice dispenser without the production function, we also have manual fill units that you can, as the name suggests, manually fill with ice as needed. When it's out of ice, you can simply fill an ice bucket with ready-made and pour it to the unit for easy replenishment.

CKitchen is a trusted distributor of hotel ice dispensers from the most renowned manufacturers such as Hoshizaki, Scotsman, Manitowoc, and Ice-O-Matic.