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Get More Bang For Your Buck With Undercounter Bullet-Shaped Ice Makers

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Undercounter Bullet-Shaped Ice Makers: A Profitable Shot

A bullet-shaped ice maker has many applications in both the foodservice and institutional settings, making it a powerful and versatile commercial ice machine to have in a wide variety of facilities.

This type of ice is recognized by its cylindrical shape that resembles a bullet and the hollow hole present in the middle that increases contact area for added cooling efficiency. 

Whether you run a restaurant or a bar, bullet ice is sure to be a great addition in just about every blended beverage and carbonated drink on your menu. Serve cocktails, sodas, or iced teas with some bullet ice and you're sure to have your guests instantly refreshed!

So if you need a steady amount of bullet-shaped ice to get you through the day, undercounter bullet-shaped ice makers can get the job done.

Going under the counter

Many bullet-shaped ice machines on the market are in the undercounter category, making them perfect additions in facilities with compact spaces to work with. An undercounter bullet-shaped ice maker produces more or less 100 pounds per day in a period of 24 hours.

Through under-the-counter ice production, you can easily transform available space beneath your counter into a workhorse that you can rely on. When placed behind your bar or underneath your counter, you enjoy instant access to clean bullet-shaped ice for faster, more efficient service.

If you want a bullet-shaped ice machine that can deliver adequate ice supply day in day out, our products here at CKitchen will not let you down! Our selection of undercounter bullet-shaped ice makers are thoughtfully designed and can be easily integrated into your existing setup.

Convenient and smart

Since the refrigeration system is already integrated into the unit, installing and setting up your undercounter bullet-shaped ice maker machine should be super easy. Additionally, these units already have a built-in storage bin, which is where the fresh ice cubes fall and become accessible during ice production. This makes them perfect for self-serve applications.

The compact design and the stainless steel construction of bullet-shaped ice machines here on CKitchen make them smart investments for your business that you can use for a long time. They also have an array of features such as an intuitive control panel that reduces the guesswork involved in the ice production process so you can easily maintain consistency and productivity in each batch of ice made. Many undercounter bullet-shaped ice makers are even programmed to let you know when the storage bin is full.

Undercounter bullet-shaped ice makers pack their own ice bins and condenser, so you can simply install them literally without hassle. The storage capacity on these units is sized to support their volume of production. A bin can hold a lot of ice all at once so you always have fresh ice to scoop to fulfill orders fast. If you're looking for an undercounter ice maker that produces bullet-shaped ice efficiently, CKitchen is your top pick!

Many undercounter bullet-shaped ice makers are air-cooled, which means they can facilitate a plug-and-play installation. Keep in mind that air-cooled units require clearance for ventilation.

Making ice with a bang

Undercounter bullet-shaped ice makers come with excellent features to simplify the operation and maintain consistency in every batch. From the user-friendly control panel to the anti-overfill system, making bullet ice is easier than ever!

Consider adding a high-quality water filter to your purchase in order to keep your undercounter bullet-shaped ice maker in peak performance. Poor water can damage the equipment, not to mention the resulting product.

With undercounter bullet-shaped ice makers, you always have a pure batch of ice ready to use for beverage orders. Check out our commercial ice units from Maxx Cold and Admiral Craft and see it for yourself!

If you are looking for a portable ice maker, a countertop ice maker, or a built in ice maker, or a freestanding ice maker, CKitchen has a large selection of products for you to choose from. We have cubers, flakers, nugget ice makers, and other ice making equipment too.

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