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Air-cooled units don't incur additional water costs, and thus more cost-efficient to operate. They are easier to install, but they also require proper ventilation.


Water-cooled ice machines do not heat up your facility and are great for use in areas with higher ambient temperatures and airborne contaminants.
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Maxx Cold undercounter half-size cube ice machines are intelligent and efficient ice-making solutions loaded with unique features that maximize production capacity. If you need to produce 100 to 300 lbs of ice machine every single day, these units can do it from beneath the counter or any place in your kitchen where large equipment won’t fit. 

Easily tap into unparalleled convenience that ultimately contributes to a speedier service that your guests will surely appreciate. Maxx Cold focuses on simplifying the process of ice production while incorporating advanced technologies to make your life a little easier.

CKitchen is happy to be a trusted distributor of Maxx Cold undercounter half-size cube ice machines. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in making your selection. We are committed to helping you find the unit that meets your needs.

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