Connolly Roll-A-Grill by Nemco Hot Dog Bun Boxes

Keep Dozens of Hot Dog Buns Stored and Accessible Using Hot Dog Bun Boxes

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Hot Dog Bun Box To Complete Your Hot Dog Station

Also referred to as hot dog bun drawers or bun cabinets, a hot dog bun box provides the perfect storage space for hot dog buns so that they are always accessible when putting together one order after another. Used in concession stands and convenience stores, bun drawers are usually placed next to the hot dog roller grills and steamers to create a complete station for staff or self-service.

Hot dog bun drawers can be heated or unheated. Hot dog bun warmers have temperature controls for warming and storing hot dog buns. These are convenient but very useful solutions that make sure you always have perfectly heated buns that go with the fresh hot dog to create a delicious hot dog sandwich. Unheated units can store both wrapped and unwrapped buns. Most units have eye-catching graphics at the front to go with your hot dog cooking equipment while some models have a clear front panel to display the freshness.

Hot dog bun drawers are made of stainless steel so they don't rust, dent, or deform even after years of use. This also makes it easy to keep clean to ensure that your counter is always presentable to customers. They can easily store dozens of buns.

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