Admiral Craft Hot Dog Roller Grill Sneeze Guards

Keep Your Food and Your Customers Safe With Hot Dog Roller Grill Sneeze Guards

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Hot Dog Grill Sneeze Guards For Product Safety

When it comes to merchandising cooked food, it is important that it is stored safely to keep it fresh and keep away contaminants. This is why hot dog grill sneeze guards are valuable to convenience stores, concession stands, and other foodservice establishments that serve this popular snack.

Sneeze guards serve as a barrier shield between the food and the customer, curbing the spread of germs and maintaining food safety. And since they are transparent, the products inside are still in view. The most common sneeze guards plastic sneeze guards, acrylic sneeze guards, are plexiglass sneeze guards. The polycarbonate styles typically have a flat top and a single door for product access. The sneeze guards with a plexiglass shield or tempered glass are generally built as a canopy supported with a steel frame to cover the top of the food and allow for safe pass-through or single access to the products.

Hot dog roller grill sneeze guards are a simple but extremely useful addition to your checkout counter or self-serve station that goes a long way in making the experience of your customers a little bit safer.

We have an excellent selection of durable and dependable sneeze guards to meet your every need. If you are building your food service operation, you are guaranteed to find the best in the industry at the best prices here at CKitchen. Whether you run a convenience store, concession stand, bar, or restaurant, we have a great selection of hot dog grillers and other cooking equipment that will certainly exceed your expectations. For assistance, please give us a call or send us an email so our team of food service equipment consultants can help you.

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