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Bottle Stoppers: For Long-Lasting Wine Freshness

When wine is on the menu, whether you serve sparkling wine or champagne, it is important that your products are preserved properly in order to preserve their original freshness and please the most discerning wine lovers. Bottle stoppers, which are also called wine bottle plugs and cork bottle stoppers, are a bottle capping solution that allows you to seal already-opened wine bottles before refrigerating. The original corks that come in the bottle are usually impossible to put back, but when there is still wine left, the bottle should be kept sealed in order to maintain the quality of your products.

Bottle sealers replace the corks and serve as a wine preserver by blocking out air from entering, keeping wine fresh for longer periods. There are various types of wine stoppers you can choose from, and we have a great selection here at CKitchen.

There are cork stoppers that look like the original wine corks to maintain the natural aesthetic. There are also rubber and silicone units that are available in various colors and styles to help you easily identify the product. Our rubber champagne stoppers are durable and can easily fit into any wine bottle to create an airtight seal. Plastic cork stoppers are available in various sizes to fit in different sizes of bottles.

You will find wine bottle stopper sets that come with two components designed to achieve vacuum sealing. Spill Stop offers a unique wine saver set called Vacu Vin that comes with a pump to remove the air out of the wine before sealing it with the rubber stopper.

CKitchen is home to a wide variety of bottle stoppers from industry leaders and made with high-quality materials for reliable use. We also have tons of bar accessories and supplies offered at the best prices and free shipping to help you complete your bar checklist.

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