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Boost Your Production Speed and Capacity For Less Space With Countertop Direct Steam Kettles

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Countertop Direct Steam Kettles For High-Volume Cooking

A countertop direct steam kettle is a compact solution for fast and healthy commercial cooking. Cook large volumes of delicious sauces, stews, puddings, soups, and more with a countertop direct steam kettle. Since these units can safely sit on counters or table tops, kitchens with not a lot of floor space to work with will surely benefit from the portable, more convenient size of countertop direct steam kettles.

Steam cooking achieves fast heat transfer and even heat distribution that cooks the food just right. The perfect companion for busy kitchens, countertop direct steam kettles feature a large-capacity kettle with a “steam jacket” that covers two-thirds to the entire height of the sides from the bottom of the container. The 2/3 steam jacketed design is more common in commercial steam kettles although there are a lot of full-jacketed units with countertop configurations, especially the shallower models.

The steam jacket is where steam is circulated to heat the countertop steam kettle itself and cook the liquid food items inside. The gentle but effective steam perfectly cooks sensitive liquid foods like chocolate without scorching them.

Countertop direct steam kettles have a 316 or 304 stainless steel exterior that does a good job at preventing rust, dents, or deformation to keep the unit in tiptop condition for longer. These units also typically have a tilt handle, which is used to turn the unit in a sloping position in order to safely pour the contents into serving or storage containers. This eliminates the need to scoop the product up, which can take so much longer. Additionally, this quick transfer prevents the risk of liquid food to congeal.

Countertop direct steam kettles come in different sizes and depths for operations of various volumes. You can find your next countertop direct steam kettle from top brands like Cleveland and Market Forge here on CKitchen. We offer the lowest prices guaranteed to help you maximize your savings without sacrificing quality.

Steam kettle capacities range from half a gallon up to as much as 40 gallons. The kettle tilts so that operators can very safely and painlessly pour the newly cooked products to other containers to add to other foods or prepare for serving. The tilting design also makes cleaning so much easier. The large kettle is constructed with durable stainless steel and is supported by a two- or three-leg base.

If you are not sure which countertop direct steam kettle is best for your business, feel free to contact us and we'll be more than happy to provide professional assistance to help you make the right purchase.

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