Countertop Gas Ovens

Save Space and Time with a Countertop Gas Oven

We love a large commercial oven as much as the next guy, but sometimes the small and compact outweighs the large and in charge. A countertop gas oven is the perfect solution for tough, challenging commercial kitchens where space is the most important commodity. These units can be installed directly on top of the countertop so they don’t take up valuable floor space. Note that countertop ovens in general should be limited to small- and medium-volume output kitchens, because they usually don’t exceed 48 inches wide.

In fact, we usually recommend countertop ovens for restaurants or food service businesses looking for a designated range for a specific food item or a group of items. In other words, they usually aren’t used for the entire menu. In our selection, we have gas countertop pizza ovens that are excellent for any business that wants to add fresh-baked pizza to the menu but doesn’t want to make it the sole focus of their operation. Baker’s Pride countertop pizza ovens are some of the best on the market for compact kitchens, and they’re versatile enough for many other baking applications.

Compact Yet No Compromises: More Great Features

Many people believe that countertop ovens must come with some limitations and must be electric. Fortunately, these units offer most of the same features as your floor-style commercial gas ovens, including the ability to heat up quickly and cook food more evenly than electric styles. We shouldn’t say there are no compromises with a countertop oven — size is certainly a compromise when you’re working under pressure or with time limits — but it’s designed for the same power, performance and reliability as your go-to floor model.

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