Bakers Pride Electric Countertop Fryer

Serve Up Tasty Fried Food Favorites To Hungry Customers With Electric Countertop Fryer

Bakers Pride BPHEF-15SI Fryer
Bakers Pride BPHEF-15SI Fryer
  • FINANCE FOR: $90.71/mo.
  • Price: $1,557.60
  • Retail: $1,557.60
  • Your Price: $1,089
Superior Brand
Bakers Pride BPHEF-30TI Fryer
Bakers Pride BPHEF-30TI Fryer
  • FINANCE FOR: $152.69/mo.
  • Price: $2,620.75
  • Retail: $2,620.75
  • Your Price: $1,833
Superior Brand
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Electric Countertop Fryers: Big Profits, Tiny Space

Electric countertop fryers allow you to expand your menu with delicious and highly profitable fried food favorites. If you are looking for a convenient solution to fulfill a small stream of orders for French fries, chicken strips, or onion rings you get every day or simply looking to integrate supplemental frying capacity to keep up with the growing demand, electric countertop fryers are the way to go.

Perfect for restaurants, concession stands, convenience stores, food trucks, and many more, commercial countertop electric fryers sit comfortably on a counter. There are single and dual tanks with cooking oil capacities ranging from to support light and medium production needs.

Each vat either has a large fry basket or two single wired fry baskets for cooking different types of foods or separate servings of the same order at the same time. Split-pot electric countertop fryers with have two vats help with preventing flavor transfer to maintain the highest quality of flavor.

Electric countertop fryers typically boast a heavy-duty stainless steel construction to hold up well to long-term heavy use and prevent corrosion and rust. Capacities vary, but the most common for countertop fryers is 15 lbs of maximum oil volume for each vat.

We have a large selection of electric countertop fryers from top names in the industry such as Star, Garland US Range, and Eagle. These manufacturers pack special features into their products such as thermostatic controls and collapsible handles to simplify frying tasks.

If you're not sure which unit fits your operation, feel free to contact us. We have a team of foodservice consultants dedicated to providing you the assistance you need during the selection process. We are here to help you find that perfect electric countertop fryer that meets your needs, your space, and your budget.

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