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Floor Steam Kettle Mixers For Sauces, Stews, and More

When you are dealing with high volumes of liquid food items like pasta, gravy, pudding, and many more every single day, a reliable piece of cooking equipment such as a floor steam kettle mixer will be extremely helpful in maintaining the quality of these products that you deliver to your customer’s table. A floor steam kettle stirs, heats, and holds liquid food items.

This floor steam kettle mixer comes with a large steam-jacketed kettle that has a primary agitator and secondary mixer to constantly stir the contents inside so employees won’t have to do it manually. What this achieves is smooth consistency and texture, ensuring the soup or sauce is heated evenly as the steam is moved around inside the commercial floor mixer nonstop. A floor steam kettle mixer efficiently performs cooking tasks as simple as boiling or stewing to higher-pressure tasks like braising. 

Floor steam kettles typically have a full or 2/3 steam jackets. The latter is the more common configuration for most models. The steam jacket does not cover the entire exterior of the kettle is covered up and should perform well especially if you are not filling the kettle to its capacity.

The kettle on a steam floor mixer is usually a direct steam kettle, which can be connected to a remote steam source. The direct steam kettle is also typically tilting so that it is easy to empty or pour out the contents. The speed of the agitator on a commercial floor mixer steam kettle is variable for precise results for different food types.

A floor steam kettle mixer boasts a range of capacity from 40 gallons up to more than 120 gallons. A floor steam kettle mixer may be a single or twin unit. We can help you find the right floor steam kettle mixer from top brands like Cleveland and Market Forge. If you are looking for a steam kettle, CKitchen has an excellent selection for you.

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