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Commercial Beer Coolers offers a line of commercial bar equipment from Perlick. Keep your bar up to par with a Perlick draft arm and/or draft beer dispenser. Guaranteed to keep your beer crisp and tasty at all times , Perlickā€™s reliable bar equipment products pass the test. In a variety of sizes and models, Perlick has a model to fit your space, taste and usage. Choose beer coolers models with or without a self-contained refrigerating system and 1-2 faucet dispensing heads. Choose from single-4 keg capacity. Purchase a Perlick beer cooler / beer dispenser or draft arm today for a guaranteed low price from For professional assistance from certified food service equipment consultants, please contact at anytime and our sales team will help you choose the right beer cooler or other beer supplies & restaurant equipment.

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  • SKU # 4414-230-3
  • FINANCE FOR: $111.86/mo.

  • SKU # 4414W-2
  • FINANCE FOR: $110.60/mo.

  • SKU # 4414W-3
  • FINANCE FOR: $120.81/mo.

  • SKU # 4420-2
  • FINANCE FOR: $118.23/mo.

  • SKU # 4420-3
  • FINANCE FOR: $128.96/mo.

  • SKU # 4420W-2
  • FINANCE FOR: $137.29/mo.

  • SKU # 4420W-3
  • FINANCE FOR: $148/mo.


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