Bar Equipment Blender Shelves

Commercial Blender Shelves offers a line of commercial blender shelves from top commercial bar equipment manufacturers Krowne, Perlick and Glastender. Krowne’s C-9 Standard series blender shelf is made with stainless steel and offered at the lowest price guaranteed. Perlick offers the option of 1-2 duplex outlet blender shelves with a size range from 8”-30”. Glastender’s blender shelves are bolt-on units ranging from 8”-30” as well. Choose a commercial blender shelf or any other bar equipment on from one of our renowned manufacturers today for a product that is durable, reliable and fits your budget. Call one of our certified food service equipment consultants who specialize in commercial kitchen equipment, restaurant equipment & bar equipment to help you make the right decision on your new blender shelf or other bar supplies.

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