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Commercial Underbar Supplies offers a line of underbar supplies from commercial bar equipment & bar supplies manufacturers Eagle, Krowne and Perlick. Eagle manufactures a wide selection of underbar supplies including bar sinks, workboards, bottle step display units, cocktail stations, filler strips, glass racks, sink cocktail station combos, speed rails, storage cabinets, under bar add-on units, work board ice bin stations and more. Krowne manufactures under bar add-on units, under bar sink workboards, bottle set up displays, filler strips, glass racks and more. Perlick manufactures under bar add-on units, workboards, bottle set-up displays, filler strips, hand sinks, and ice cream dipping cabinets. Furnish your bar with the best equipment to run a smooth business no matter what your production capacity may be. Increase production and profitability by choosing supplies that will help increase your production rate and visual appeal to help increase profitability. Choose your commercial underbar supplies today from from one of our leading manufacturers for the best prices in the industry guaranteed. Choosing the most convenient commercial restaurant equipment for your business may not be so easy. We are here to assist you. Give one of our certified food service equipment specialists a call today and receive the right information about commercial underbar supplies to help you make the right decision.

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