3 Hacks for Your Panini Grill

Grilled panini sandwiches have been making their way into our modern-day culture, cuisines, and bellies since 1956. Traditionally, freshly-pressed and grilled sandwiches hot off a panini grill utilize ciabatta, rosetta, or baguette sliced bread with any number of fillings for a toasted lunch or dinner entree. But as tastebuds evolve and creativity is given precedence in the restaurant industry, panini grills have become more than just a sandwich-pressing machine. Here are 5 hacks that you can use with your panini grill.

Cinnamon Bun ‘Waffles’

Mixing batches of sweet cinnamon bun dough can be a chore, but the result is always worth the effort. Now, you can up the ante by pressing these sweet pastries into a panini grill (or even a waffle-iron) to put a unique twist on this breakfast and dessert favorite.

To create these sweet concoctions, simply take your uncooked cinnamon bun and press it flat with a panini grill. Allow your bun to cook for about 3 minutes (or until the outside is toasty brown and the inside is completely cooked through), and remove from your grill. The sugar will have caramelized for a crunchy, sweet, flattened cinnamon waffle that you can top with fruits, ice cream, or any number of delicious additions!

Waffle Cones

The batter that you typically use for waffle cones can be easily used on a panini grill to create fresh waffle cones that are easy-to-roll and utilize your panini grill, saving you the additional purchase of a waffle cone press.

To create these waffle cones, simply place a small ball of dough on your panini press, close the grill, and allow the batter to cook thoroughly. Once cooked, simply remove the flexible product from the grill and wrap around a paper cone to allow it to cool! The result is an easy, homemade touch for your desserts that can be further customized by dipping in chocolate, adding fresh fruits, or any other seasonings.


Your range space is precious, especially during peak hours at lunch and dinnertime. Why not utilize your panini grill to get freshly-grilled veggies for side items? Small potatoes can be boiled and/or microwaved to soften the starch, but by smashing them in a panini grill, you give them an extra hint of flavor for the perfect side dish.

You can also slice any number of other types of veggies and place in your panini grill for a freshly-grilled vegetable side dish. Spice up the result with hints of fresh herbs like rosemary or basil for an added touch of taste!


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