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Celebrate Passover And Easter with Matzo-Ball Soup

Celebrate Passover And Easter with Matzo-Ball Soup

Though traditionally considered a Jewish dish, Matzo-ball soup is a perfect precursor to any meal. The softball floating in delicious broth will be slurped up eagerly during Passover, Easter and other holidays, but may be served during any time of the year. Owners should consider putting this item on their menu to increase their customer base.

The Food Network has a few innovative recipes for Matzo-ball soup. The general rule of thumb for this cuisine is to keep it simple. Extra garnish or unusual ingredients detracts from the comforting simplicity of the dish. You'll need a couple of cups of Matzo meal, eggs and vegetable oil to create the soup, as well as salt and pepper to season to taste. All you have to do is boil water and mix the ingredients together - after refrigeration, the resulting dough can be rolled into different balls and placed in any type of broth. Vegetable broth tends to taste the best and can be made from onions, carrots, and turnips among other items.

Once the soup is ready, you can place it into restaurant equipment like the Adcraft SK-500W Soup Kettle. This cost-effective unit can keep the broth piping hot, ready to be doled into a bowl and served to customers at a moment's notice.


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