Choosing the Right China

For many customers, a restaurant’s choice in dinnerware isn’t their primary concern. Restauranteurs, chefs, and foodies, on the other hand, will notice the difference that plateware can make on presentation. In fact, guests that typically wouldn’t notice plateware may, in the case of poor choice in china, perceive the overall quality of the meal to be lower because of poor presentation or cheap dishes! Having a high quality meal served on crummy china can break the perception of the meal and ruin the overall presentation, reflecting on the meal itself. Make a lasting impression on your guests by keeping these tips in mind when choosing the right china.

  • Your dishware should reflect the ambiance of your restaurant. Creating a high-quality meal in a fine dining establishment is for naught if you invested in second-rate china. For fine-dining restaurants, consider choosing a porcelain collection. On the other hand, trendier restaurants may opt for fun shapes such as square plates, and colorful Mexican joints may want a colorful array of china!

  • Add variation to match your restaurant. There’s nothing more boring than a full collection of circular white dishes, and many restaurants fall into this trap. If you’re opting for a bland lineup of dishes, consider spicing things up with colorful accents such as napkins or table decorations. Or, if you like the classic bone white but don’t want colors in the mix, consider a mix of shapes by adding in rectangular serving dishes or shaped plates!

  • Keep your budget in mind. Purchasing a full lineup of china is a costly investment, but choosing high-quality manufacturers such as Tuxton China will ensure that your dishware lasts longer. Great quality china will not scratch as much when stacked, as the bottom is smooth and it is more resistant to markings left behind by flatware. Dinnerware for commercial settings is generally priced higher than for the home, their heavy-duty durability is well-worth the investment.

  • Remember the intended use to ensure appropriate purchases. For instances, a Mexican or Italian restaurant may need dishware that can be baked in an oven and served directly to a guest. High-quality sets will be labeled as oven and dishwasher safe, and you’ll want to keep this in mind if your intention is thus.

By keeping these points in mind, you’ll be sure to invest in a set of dishes that is long-lasting and appropriate for your restaurant’s atmosphere and needs. Dishes and plateware can matter more than you think! Don’t let your meal get ruined by a two-bit plate.


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