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Workplace Trends for 2016

Workplace Trends for 2016

When operating a restaurant, you’re likely to zero in on trends in the industry. From cuisine favorites to ingredient sources, there are a ton of influencers when it comes to narrowing down what brings customers in the front door. But many forget to look at what’s going on behind that door in the first place. Workplace trends in the restaurant industry can change the dynamic between employees, owners, and management. Here are some workplace trends to keep an eye on in 2015. 

The workplace is constantly adapting and evolving, and folks in management need to keep a firm grasp on what’s important to employees. Two trends that seem to be coming out on top this year are the leadership gap and the transparent workplace. While they may not seem important now, these two trends will continue to grow in relevance and impact your workplace. We’ll go into detail about each of these next.

The Leadership Gap

The leadership gap is the phenomenon wherein fewer and fewer employees are aspiring to become leaders in the workplace, creating a gap between regular staff members and the management team.

Every day 10 million baby boomers are retiring, adding up to about 20 million retirees by the year 2020. In a new study between HR.BLR.com and Saba, they found that fewer than 15% of employees aspire to executive level positions at their companies. In addition, 59% of companies agreed that succession planning is more challenging in today's economy and only 23% of companies make succession planning a high priority. Finally, 46% of companies said “leadership” was the skill hardest to find in employees.

The issue boils down to how management handles the growth of their employees. Rather than reviewing employee performance once a quarter, staff members want to consistently know how they’re doing. Stroll through the kitchen regularly, and make an appearance in the dining areas. Compliment when employees are handling situations appropriately, and provide constructive feedback when necessary. They want to feel the personalized connection in order to feel like they’re able to grow into a leadership position. When leaders are absent, it’s hard to feel like you’ll be part of that team one day.

The Transparent Workplace

This is part of what’s growing the leadership gap. Employees - especially Millennials - want to be more open about their employment including salaries and other information. When leaders try to distance themselves or create barriers where employees don’t feel comfortable speaking frankly with one another, they feel they’re sacrificing honesty. Companies that openly engage employees on everything that's going on at work, will be able to retain them more. If you want to earn the trust of employees, share as much as you possibly can. The more you trust them with this information, the more they will trust you.


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