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Servicing Your Garbage Disposal

Servicing Your Garbage Disposal

While many restaurants are making the switch to composting and other types of food waste disposal, the fact of the matter is that traditional garbage disposals are still likely here to stay in order to keep sinks free of large pieces of food waste that may sink to the bottom and make their way into the plumbing systems. The primary goal of your garbage disposal is to make life in the kitchen easier and to prevent drain clogs in general. At the same time, these workhorses do need a little maintenance themselves, though, in order to keep them functioning properly. Here are some tips to servicing your garbage disposal. 

Don’t Treat Your Disposal Like a Trashcan!

While it may be tempting to simply flip the switch on your garbage disposal instead of fishing out large pieces of food and other debris that have accumulated at the bottom of your sink, you shouldn’t be treating your disposal as though it were the same as a trashcan. Paper products, glass, cigarette butts, and other non-edible items should always be fished out of your sink and disposed of properly, as these are not intended for your garbage disposal system.

Separate Certain Food Products

Not all food waste is suitable for garbage disposals, as is the case with larger items like bones or extremely fibrous foods like corn husks, which can become tangled in the disposal rather than chopped and flushed down the plumbing ducts.

Similarly, keep grease out of the system. This includes grease from fatty foods like meats but also from other products like frostings too. The oils can build up on the blades and walls of your garbage disposal and eventually can clog up the entire system.

Use Cold Water

Grease and oils are unavoidable in some instances, as these particles can be found in many food items. Because of this, always use cold water when using your garbage disposal, as this solidifies the grease and oil into particles which can be flushed through the system. Those who use hot water will find that they’re liquefying the grease which can then thoroughly coat the ductwork and make for a horrendous experience down the road when it finally builds to a point of required maintenance.

Your garbage disposal can make life easier in the kitchen, but without paying attention to these standard servicing tips, you may find it to be more of a hassle than a help. Be sure that all staff are trained on these simple procedures, and always call a technician if you hear noises or feel unusual vibrations originating from your garbage disposal system. Grind lemons or limes on occasion to break down fats in the system and to keep odors at bay.


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