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Marketing Your Restaurant For The Holidays

Marketing Your Restaurant For The Holidays

The holidays are known for a few things. Family gatherings, the spirit of giving, and great food are all staples of this time.

Given all this, it is no wonder that restaurants can do some of their best business in the final months of the year. However, the business doesn’t always just come pouring in. Sometimes you may have to meet your potential future-customers halfway, and market your establishment for the season.

Marketing for a restaurant is important, but the practices you use can change depending on what type of establishment you run. Any restaurant can benefit from using a few select strategies.

The holidays are so bustling you can offer special deals, discounts, coupons, and other lucrative perks to keep patrons eyeing your restaurant when it comes time for a big dinner out with the whole family or an intimate evening with their special someone.

Restaurant marketing strategies like these can help any business make a better connection with their customers, helping to increase return-business and even bringing in first-timers as well.

Think Like a Holiday Diner

When a person wants to go out and eat during the holidays, it’s important to think about what they look for. Every person appreciates good food and great service, but how can restaurants improve in these areas?

Around the holidays, most diners are thinking about saving their money for gifts, trips, or other costs of the season. They also want a place where they can try exciting dishes, especially if they tie into the season somehow.

The question then for the restaurant manager is how to combine foodservice trends and consumer expectations during the holiday to create the best possible experience for the customer.

For holidays, marketing with special deals may be the best way to go. Discounts and special deals can incentivize diners to give your restaurant a chance, and to choose it above all the local competition for that special holiday meal.

What Marketing Tools Should You Try?

When you’re marketing your restaurant for the holidays, there are a few different strategies you can use. Each one will only work if you have the great service and menu choices to back it, but these are some of the most effective ideas in the industry.

Gift Cards

What do you get for the person who has everything? How about a gift card to a great local restaurant? Gift cards can help you bring in more business, as advertising these items helps customers get a chance at free food for themselves or others.

These can be great for giving to patrons, but they can also be great for patrons to give to their loved ones. Gift cards can be for your restaurant or even for popular nearby retailers or online stores. They are a perfect tool for helping restaurants around the holidays.


Whether it’s a discount on the dinner bill, a free appetizer, or an included dessert at no extra charge, there are many things coupons can offer people at restaurants. When the holidays roll around, many people are looking to save money where they can. Coupons are especially handy when a person brings big groups of family and friends to dinner.

Depending on what type of restaurant you have, the coupons you offer may be different. You can offer them to customers who spend a certain amount of money or to those who purchase certain dishes you’re trying to push during the holidays. You can also apply the discount to these orders automatically, to further boost the chance customers will try dishes you hope to promote.


Customers appreciate going to a business where they feel they’re taken care of and appreciated. Having a lottery or giveaway for customers is a great idea during the holiday season. The time of the year makes it fitting, and it’s great for advertising purposes.

You can charge admission for the event or simply require customers to present their receipt to gain entry. You can even grant access to those who spend a certain amount of money or who buy certain holiday items in your menu that you’re trying to move.

Sometimes even a simple thank-you card to customers can be great for marketing during the holidays. It will help your patrons get that warm feeling inside.



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