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Successfully Cutting Back on Processed Foods

Successfully Cutting Back on Processed Foods

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to eliminate processed foods from your diet. Maybe you want to eliminate them all together, or maybe you’re more comfortable with just decreasing the number of processed foods you eat.

When trying to cut back on processed food make sure you know which foods are processed because nearly everything you consume has been altered. From fruits to vegetables, chips, meats, and sweets.

What Is A Processed Food

You may not really know what exactly a processed food is. Processed foods are usually canned, packaged, or put into a jar.

These foods are packed with empty carbs, low amounts of nutrients, and tons of sugars. Salt is another ingredient that is heavily infused in processed foods.

Foods You May Not Know Are Processed

You may be thinking that you were eating healthy, but still, some foods tend to sneak in. Food production companies usually prepare foods the way they like. Even these unexpected ones.

1. Oats

2. Olive Oil

3. Pasta

4. Tofu

5. Ice cream

6. Skim Milk

7. Tea

8. Bread


When you think of grains on this list you may think of raw oats and bread. Regular Oats are usually cooked before being packaged. Once oats are slightly toasted which enables the flavor to be cooked in the oats.

Instant oats are more processed than other kinds. For the Oats to be “instant” they flatten and steamed longer than traditional oats.

When purchasing grain make sure they’re whole and raw versus processed.

Noodles are an extremely processed food. Noodles are made up of bad fats. These fats accumulate the more you eat overly processed noodles.

Infused Milk and Ice Cream

Milk substitutes are full of vitamin alternates that are synthetic. This poses a problem because your body is not made to digest these substitutes.

Many people drink skim milk because they are trying to be healthier and some people are lactose intolerant. The reason people think this milk is healthier is that it contains no fat. However, your body can’t really process foods that are altered.

Teas and Tofu Products

Herbal teas appear to be very natural and healthy since they are from herbs.

However, many leaves are fried in a searing pan and then quickly taken out so that they keep their green hue. Most teas are produced in factories.

Olive Oil

Olive oil must go through processing to be created. The fatty acids in the olive oil are healthy for your body, but olive oil also has a considerable number of calories.

Olive oil is better for you than vegetable oil and other alternatives to cook with. You won’t need to cut olive oil from your diet, just be aware of the nutrient contents.

Also, olive oil is a product that frequently comes from other countries and the suppliers often cut the more expensive olive oil with artificial products and other types of unhealthy oil.

Be sure to shop very carefully and try to buy from US producers, if possible.

Say Hello to Vegetables and Fruits

Incorporate more raw vegetables and fruits in your diet to help you eliminate processed foods.

Instead of chips for a snack pick up grapes or strawberries. Eat carrots and broccoli raw instead of cooked. You should try to stop putting so much salt in your foods as well.

Cut back on sweets that include candies, cookies, and treats that you bake at home.

Cook from Scratch

Although this can be time-consuming, this is one sure way to make sure your food is not overly processed or processed at all. Choose your favorite dish and get all the raw ingredients that you can find.

The Meat Dilemma

All the meats you consume are processed if you buy them at your local grocery.

Start shopping for meats at a butcher’s shop or a store dedicated to fresh meat. This way you know if anything was added to the meat. Most commercial meats are overly processed and stuffed with fillers.

Grow A Garden

Since many fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and infused with preservatives - the best option is to plant your own garden.

If you have your own garden you know the potatoes or tomatoes or whatever you may plant are fresh and have no added preservatives.

Happy eating!


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