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How to Organize a 3D Tour of a Restaurant

How to Organize a 3D Tour of a Restaurant

Breaking into the social media world is the hardest but most important part of launching and maintaining a customer base for a restaurant. In a world where any joint that is not viral is not worth visiting, how does a restaurant break through the clutter and make themselves a must-visit location for both locals and tourists alike? Organize a 3D tour.

Hear me out. This may seem a little weird and even counter-intuitive. You must be wondering why anyone would want to visit a restaurant that has already seen every nook and cranny of from the comfort of their own bed at home on the internet. You are thinking logically, the ambiance of a restaurant is half the enjoyment of the restaurant and you do not want to give everything away in a preview before anyone even experiences it in person and can be tempted by the enticing smells to buy more food and drinks than they otherwise planned. It is a logical thought process, but not much about the Internet Age is logical.

What is a 3D Tour?

First, to explain what a 3D tour entails. A 3D tour is a feature of Google that helps make your restaurant more prominent on the internet and easily searchable because of the feature as well. The virtual tour is available whenever a potential restaurant-goer searches your restaurant, whether it’s a traditional Google-ing or a search on Google Maps that presents a summary of the important details of the restaurant. As potential customers are searching for a place to eat, a virtual walk-through of the space they could potentially be eating at soon can be enticing and make them want to come in ever more than just a verbal description of the ambiance. They got a taste of the restaurant in the 3D tour, and they are going to want to come in for a full meal. If your restaurant has still yet to break into the social media marketing realm, a 3D tour might be the perfect first array into this world. Here is a breakdown of how you can do it:

How to Make a 3D Tour

1. Shortlist

Step one in launching a social media marketing campaign and creating a virtual 3D tour of your restaurant means having your restaurant photographed. In order to develop a 3D tour for Google, it is imperative to use a Google-approved and trusted photographer, a list of which can be accessed here.

2. Vetting

After putting together a shortlist of photographers available in your area from this list, it is important to vet them. You worked carefully to curate the vibe of your restaurant and your photographer should be able to reflect that in their photos. Ask to look at their work. Reach out to other restaurants in the area and find out who they used and what they think of the photographers. You want to be informed before making a decision for a tour that will be very visible in every Google search of your restaurant.

3. Pricing

Request quotes from all the photographers and agencies you think would be a good fit for your restaurant. Pricing is important, especially if you are just starting your restaurant and have a variety of other start-up expenses eating at your budget. Balancing the photographer with the perfect vibe for your restaurant with someone who offers the perfect price can be tricky but will pay off greatly.

Organizing a 3D tour is the new frontier for digital social media marketing, especially for restaurants where half of what customers are looking for is a vibe, and they want to find out about it online before deciding to eat at the restaurant. Virtual 3D tours an effective new feature of Google and are visible in every kind of Google search, including a Google Maps summary, and Googling is the first way new customers are going to find your restaurant. Whether you are a new restaurant or a well-established one, organizing a 3D tour of your place is an important decision worth investing in to remain relevant in the Internet Age.


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