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Glassware - Effects of Perception

Glassware - Effects of Perception

The image is everything, and the perception of your restaurant is based off of more than just the menu items you offer. The way a meal is presented can actually overshadow the quality of the meal itself. In fact, we’d argue that there’s more that influences the quality of a meal other than simply how the meal tastes! The type of dishware and glassware you use should reflect your restaurant’s theme and/or atmosphere. Glassware is an aspect of restaurant marketing that can be easily overlooked. The effects of the glassware you choose for your restaurant can influence customers’ overall perceptions.


Every restaurant should take the presentation seriously, and the style of your glassware is an important component. Drinks can range from the normal (iced water, anyone?) to the atypical. Your mixed bar drinks, for instance, should be served in different style glassware to emphasize their uniqueness from the ordinary. From your typical pint glass to your hurricane or shot glass, pay attention to which glasses you choose to serve which drinks in.

If your restaurant includes fine dining and serves alcohol, you should be no stranger to wine. Wineglass styles typically are designed more around function, but at a minimum, you should invest in at least one type of wine glass, as serving wine in a glass with a stem can mean all the difference as opposed to if you serve wine in a tumbler glass!


While style is important, so is a function. Even the most interesting glass can ruin a drink if it doesn’t perform its function properly! Wide stems and thick bases are key. Consider that many customers consume one drink throughout an entire meal - alcoholic or not. Once the ice melts, it’s up to the functionality of the glass to retain the temperature for as long as possible. A thick base helps insulate the drink from the warming effects of the table, prolonging the longevity of a cool beverage!

If we consider again the importance of choosing wine glasses, the functionality of the glass itself is designed to open up the flavors of the wine. For instance, wide wine glasses are designed to open up the flavors of a full-bodied red wine while slimmer wine glasses are designed for light white wines! Even skinnier and taller glasses with stems are made to serve the function of preserving more carbonation for champagnes. At a minimum, have one set of wine glasses and one set of champagne flutes if you serve both types of alcohol.

Consider the effects that your choice in glassware. It’s almost insulting to charge someone for an extremely expensive and high-class drink in an inappropriate glass. As one reviewer noted on a restaurant blog website, it’s like, ‘a fine dining restaurant that uses cheap Windsor flatware’.  


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