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Advances in Coffee Equipment

Advances in Coffee Equipment

The process of brewing coffee by dripping water over ground coffee beans has mostly gone unchanged for the past 80 years. In response, the selection of coffee equipment has evolved very little, hindering the advancement of our favorite caffeinated beverage (of course, unless you’re a soda drinker and prefer carbonation and caffeine over slow-roasted coffee beans!). Recently, though, many players have made advancements in the field, pushing the limits of coffee brewing as we know it! 

Before the 1980s, coffee-drinking was more of a pragmatic beverage and retained its simplicity in non-espresso form - that is, until Starbucks made its way into mainstream culture. With the increase in demand, Starbucks revolutionized the need for coffee equipment that was both made for high-volume and that could cater to customers who wanted flavorful, espresso coffee drinks.

Nowadays, we see these advances in our own restaurants, and the evolution is about to see another pick-up. We can see many of these engineering feats in our regular equipment lineup nowadays.

  • Espresso and Cappuccino Machines : While it may have taken time and effort to make espresso drinks in the past, newer machines with  milk-frothers and multiple pots for brewing more than a single shot at a time have made catering to larger crowds a breeze.

  • Single Cup Brewers : It was only a matter of time before the household single-cup brewer machines made a splash in the commercial industry. While they may have been around for some time, these single-cup machines are finally getting a bit of traction with the new demands and resulting advances in simplicity in technologies. Pods with flavored coffees to mimic customized espresso drinks that you’d find at larger companies have brought the intricate flavors of espresso beverages to restaurants, offices, and houses across America. The costs, though, are higher per cup but are still a great option for establishments who aren’t catering to huge coffee crowds at a time. No need to grind or measure. Just stock your pods!

  • Bean-to-Cup : Like pod machines, the bean-to-cup method uses integral bean hoppers that do all the work for you and produces freshly-ground coffee drinks by the cup in 30 seconds.

Keeping abreast of the trends, equipment will continue to cater to demands of customers worldwide. Expect to see the restaurant industry leading the pack in these technological advances for coffee brewing!


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