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New Restaurants Must Have Proper Refrigeration Equipment

New Restaurants Must Have Proper Refrigeration Equipment

When any entrepreneur is opening up a restaurant or culinary establishment, one of the first items on an operational list is the procurement of reliable and cost-effective restaurant equipment. Managers need to find a way to cook their food in an efficient manner, but many of these executives forget that raw ingredients need to be taken care of first. Refrigeration devices are necessary in any kitchen, and can be extraordinarily useful for the following reasons.

From a health inspection standpoint, all restaurants must adhere to state and federal laws that govern the refrigeration of standard culinary fare. For example, the Minnesota Department of Health has published several mandates on this specific matter.

First, the interior temperature of the device should never rise above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because dangerous microorganisms like bacteria thrive in warm climates, especially in the dark, closeted spaces inside a refrigerator.

Conversely, the closer you get to the point of freezing (32 degrees Fahrenheit), the greater the possibility that ice crystals can form on raw ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Otherwise known as freezer burn, this can severely affect the taste and quality of finished dishes.

Refrigeration equipment should also be used for any kind of thawing and marination. Thawing at room temperature is dangerous due to the risks of airborne bacteria, and this same advice applies to the raw ingredients used during marination.

Finally, refrigerators cannot be overstuffed because air must be allowed to circulate for even cooling. If filled to the brim, a refrigerator will not function properly, and microclimates might form inside the device that are warmer than the set temperature. Luckily, the Traulsen ADT332NUT-HHS Refrigerator/Freezer Dual Temp Cabinet has six massive cabinets that can hold an incredible amount of food. 



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