Fines From Health Inspectors Can Be Avoided With Proper Restaurant Equipment

Despite the fact that their jobs entail the most responsibility in the culinary business, health inspectors are sometimes viewed with fear amongst the restaurant community. A single violation can result in hefty fines for an establishment, and in the worst-case scenario, an eatery can be shut down indefinitely.

These unfortunate cases are all over the news today, and the latest victim is a Chinese restaurant located in Lyneham, Australia. The Brisbane Times reported that Caylus Holdings, the conglomerate that owns the restaurant in question, pleaded guilty on four accounts of unsafe food handling and failure to abide by national safety standards. This earned the eatery a fine of $12,000, even though the shop had already spent $20,000 on new restaurant equipment and professional cleaning.

Self-cleaning machinery eliminates this problem altogether. Radiant heat can sterilize cooking surfaces, and the Charbroiler is just one example that features this technology. Thermal energy literally cooks off any food debris and kills bacteria that may be left over on metal surfaces that would normally need to be scrubbed down with antiseptic cleaners.

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