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Freshness Monitoring Systems

Freshness Monitoring Systems

A great chef can prepare succulent dishes, but their efforts go to waste when those items are left to the elements. Freshness is key for many customers, and they can tell the difference between a new pot of coffee and one that’s been sitting on the burner for hours. Let’s take a look at what FMS is, its applications, and how you can use it in your kitchen!

How Does FMS Work?

Curtis and Renau describe the functions of the FMS:

‘Our FMS monitors time, volume, and other data from up to 100 sensors on coffee, soups, food, and beverages and relays the information wirelessly to a single interface, communicating with the operator on a digital display and providing HACCP plus other food safety processes and records.’

Additionally, the FMS provides real-time status information on kitchen equipment as well as maintenance alerts! While it may have started out as a coffee monitoring system, it’s uses have far surpassed coffee, helping to clearly and thoroughly monitor many of your products and equipment on a simple wireless screen.

How is FMS Unique?

This innovation is singular and unique in its ability to wireless connect all of your kitchen supplies and equipment monitoring into one wireless interface. Not only that, but this interface can be integrated into your current IT infrastructure. The FMS won’t interfere with your current setup, and it can be monitored both within your restaurant and off-site in a secure format.

How can you benefit from FMS?

By streamlining your food and equipment monitoring, you introduce a host of benefits to your staff, your equipment, your product, and your bottom line!

- Enhanced Customer Experience : With the FMS, you know exactly when your product is past its prime, ensuring that you offer only the freshest items to your guests. Not only will your coffees, soups, and produce taste better, but it will in fact be fresher! Freshness directly translates to a better customer experience.

- Safer Product : With a streamlined protocol using FMS, your produce will constantly be monitored for freshness and can immediately be discarded when it doesn’t fit health and safety guidelines! FMS takes the guesswork out of your safety protocols.

- Reduced Labor Costs : By compiling all of your restaurant’s data into one interface, you reduce the need for staff to constantly monitor freshness of items. You can make smarter decisions in labor utilization and potentially reduce overall labor costs!




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