Turn Your Restaurant Into A Backyard Barbecue With Some Tasty Dishes And Sauces

Turn Your Restaurant Into A Backyard Barbecue With Some Tasty Dishes And Sauces

There is nothing more satisfying than spending a sunny afternoon feasting on cooked meat and vegetables fresh off the grill. Anyone who has a couple of bags of charcoal and a barbecue can prepare tons of delicious food, and restaurants often try to recreate the authentic flavor and form of backyard meals. If an owner is looking to supplement a menu in time for the summer dining season, he may look toward quality restaurant equipment to help mimic an outdoor cook-off.

There are many different meals that remind a customer of summer cooking, but none are more traditional than hamburgers and hot dogs. This simple fare is easy to prepare and serve, but can also be customized in a variety of ways. For example, anything can be added on top of a dog to make it more unique. Chili and cheese are popular toppings, but get more creative {items} - jalepenos, chopped scallions, buffalo sauce and other uncommon ingredients will make a hot dog or hamburger unforgettable.

That being said, barbecue sauce is one of the most important things to include in a particular summer dish. Restaurant owners who want to make their own brand may want to start with a base of tomato sauce and then add in varying amounts of vinegar, brown sugar and cayenne. There is no universal recipe for barbeque sauce, but chefs will want to make sure that the finished product is both sweet and tangy.

Once a delicious sauce has been prepared and the necessary toppings have been added, a restaurant owner may start to think about what meat he is going to cook. Pork seems to be a staple when it comes to barbecuing, because pulled pork, bacon strips and tenderloin all come from this magical animal. Beef and chicken can be slathered in barbecue sauce and placed right on the grill, and even vegetarian patties can be squirted with a few drops of marinade.

A device like the Eagle Charbroiler has the perfect heavy-duty surface for barbecuing. The grease and heat resistant cooking plate will not tarnish due to repeated use and can handle dozens of burgers and hot dogs. It can be removed for easy cleaning and storage in a commercial kitchen or small establishment.

With the right barbecue meals on the menu, a restaurant can be assured of repeated business during the warm months of summer. 


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