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Panini's Can Add Much-Needed Flair To Restaurant Menu's

Panini's Can Add Much-Needed Flair To Restaurant Menu's

A panini is essentially a sandwich comprised of two pieces of grilled flatbread and filled with any number of delicious ingredients. But it can mean so much more to a restaurant looking to add some variety to a traditional menu.

The best thing about a panini is that there is no other sandwich quite like it, and therefore it can be organized into a menu category all its own. Many restaurants incorporate existing meals into a panini - for example, the common chicken pesto variety places the same recipe between two slices of bread (minus the pasta). Because nothing is technically off-limits, another route is preparing unorthodox combinations like a chocolate-raspberry dessert panini. Customers will certainly be attracted to these dishes as long as they do not get too offbeat.

 Restaurant equipment like the Panini Grill makes it easy to create these wonderful sandwiches at a moment's notice. The removable grease drawer allows for simple clean-up, and flat and ridged commercial grill plates can let a chef customize the sandwich according to patron's unique specifications.

The head chef at any restaurant should consider adding paninis to a menu to take advantage of this popular meal.