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Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Filtration is an essential part of water sourcing in any restaurant kitchen and can impact the quality and taste of beverages as well as the longevity and maintenance requirements for your equipment. For restaurant owners, understanding what filters are available and choosing which ones to purchase can be a hassle. Here are some tips to understanding water filtration in a commercial environment. 

Different elements present in water can affect the taste and odor of beverages and ice, and the deposits left over in your machines can build up and cause maintenance hassles over time. Water filters can remove a variety of particles from incoming water sources including:

  • Chemicals

  • Sediment

  • Minerals

  • Organic matter

You can filter water through one central filtration system or by the use of filters on certain pieces of equipment. There are prefilters for harder water as well.

Ice Machines

While many may think of beverages and beverage dispensers when considering water purifiers, some forget that the ice used in beverages is just as important. Consider this: A glass of purified water can become tainted almost instantaneously when unfiltered ice is placed in it. Also, a high-end glass of liquor on the rocks can become ruined with unfiltered ice! Your ice can benefit tremendously and impact the taste of your beverages, leaving a lasting impression on all of your guests.

Additionally, filters will prolong the life of equipment and greatly reduce the need for deep cleaning and service calls. Manitowoc Ice estimates that water filters will reduce service calls by 60%.

Beverage Dispensers

Perhaps the most noteworthy improvement in filtered water would be in your beverage dispensers. We all know that different taste between unfiltered tap water and filtered water - and your customers recognize this as well! Add a filtration system to purify the incoming water to all of your beverage dispensers to ensure that your guests aren’t remembering the foul water and ARE remembering your wonderful food!

Other Equipment

Even equipment such as steamers and dishwashers utilize water. For cooking units, unfiltered water sources can still impact the items being cooked within the cavity. With dishwashers, buildup within the lines can shorten the equipment’s lifespan while deposits can leave film and spots on ‘clean’ dishes. Many forget that it’s not always just about ice and beverages, so be sure to have all water that comes into contact with food or customers filtered to ensure the best quality and taste.


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