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Unique Kitchen Organizers

Unique Kitchen Organizers

Just because you’re operating a commercial kitchen doesn’t mean that appearances in the kitchen have to be industrial and plain. In fact, many organizers used in at-home kitchens can easily be translated to the commercial kitchen and can help improve storage neatness and kitchen aesthetics. This is especially important for kitchens with an open design where customers can see many of the inner-workings of your commercial establishment that, under traditional circumstances, would be hidden behind a separating wall. Here are some unique kitchen organizer ideas to consider integrating into your commercial kitchen setup.

Suspended Pan Racks

Many utilize the stacking method when it comes to pots and pans, and the extend of organizational creativity stops at stacking the pans according to size. A better way to organize pans that is aesthetically-pleasing, easier to access, and efficient to stow away is by installing a rack that’s either stationary or that slides on rollers to be tucked away in a cabinet.

By using hooks attached to a horizontal rack unit and suspending your pans via the hook below the rack, you’re not only able to see each pan more easily, but you’re also helping to prevent buildup and forgotten pans that would normally collect at the bottom of the stacked pan pile! For kitchens with an open design, consider installing the rack above a prep area or cooking area, allowing the pans to suspend within access of chefs and in plain view of customers.

Baking Sheet Storage

We find the same issues with baking sheets when it comes to the stacking issue. Many times, commercial kitchens that utilize baking sheets and muffin tins will find themselves trying to save on space, resulting in the stacking of these large, thin pieces of cookware. The result can be annoying for bakers and chefs, as accessing anything below the top layers requires a reorganization of the stack and a waste of time.

Instead, opt to pop the pans up onto their sides and separate groupings of them with file-like dividers made of wood or another durable material. In this manner, you can space out different sizes and styles of baking cookware in an easy-to-see and easy-to-access fashion. These can be installed in plain view or under a prep table or even within a cabinet, depending on your space constraints.

Lid Organizers

The worst part about storing lids for pots and pans is that they typically collect in a ‘catch-all’ fashion below a cupboard somewhere with no real attention paid to organization. For chefs to find the right lid, they're left sifting through the mounds of lids, hoping to find the right size to match their pots of choice.

There are several areas that a wall- or door-mounted lid organizer can be installed. By fastening a column of upwards-slanting shelves (like the wire ones that would hold folders on an office door), you’re able to slide lids into the unit for easy access, simple storage, and visible display.

Try out a few of these kitchen organizer solutions to bring a little organization and aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. Who ever said that organizing kitchenware couldn’t be pragmatic AND aesthetically-pleasing?


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