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Are Small Appliances Really Necessary Pieces of Restaurant Equipment?

Are Small Appliances Really Necessary Pieces of Restaurant Equipment?

Many first-time restaurant owners often face the quandary of deciding which items they must stock their kitchens with, and which items are nonessential.

While items like ranges, ovens and grills are undisputably essential pieces of restaurant equipment, other items like juicers, mixers and similar small appliances often fall within a gray area. They're nice to have, of course, but are they essential to an establishment that's just starting out? After all, the cooks you hire will be professionals who are capable of mixing batter with nothing but good-old-fashioned elbow grease, right?

Perhaps. It all depends on your menu, and what you want your restaurant to be known for. If you want your cooks to produce the best crepes in town that distinguish you from competitor, a mixer and a griddle might not be a bad idea. If you're focused on becoming the best steak house in your area, however, you may not need to make an investment in a blender or juicer right away.

When deciding which appliances to stock your kitchen with, remember that the more options your chefs have for prepping food, the faster your service will go. And nothing makes a hungry customer happier than quick service.


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