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Braising Pans Are Simple To Use and Make For Uncomplicated Recipes

Braising Pans Are Simple To Use and Make For Uncomplicated Recipes

In some cases the more complicated a recipe the better the taste. Molecular gastronomy style restaurants make their entire themes using complicated science to improve upon their dishes. Still there comes a point where diners don't want all the pomp and circumstance that can come with a dish. Sometimes restaurant patrons just want the delicious simplicity of comfort food.

There's a certain power and inherent quality in food that is made using simple recipes and allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. If the "less is more" image is one you want to project through your dishes, consider adding braising pans to your stock of restaurant equipment.

 A braising pan is a deep, often flat-bottomed pan that is used to cook meat and accompanying ingredients. It's very effective at blending flavors and allowing the juices produced during cooking to be a part of the dish. Their versatility is one of their most appealing attributes, as they are able to be used both on commercial ranges and ovens. Often both cooking methods are employed for a single recipe. Some braising pans even come as part of a set with the pan and a custom base that can be used to cook the items as well.

Another advantage of braising is the ability to make tougher meats a bit more tender during the cooking process, allowing you to create simple and easy dishes to make some of the more difficult-to-sell cuts of meat into a tasty customer favorite.

Put the braising pan over a medium heat. Season the meat, and brown the outside in the oil. When the outside is seared, remove the meat from the pan. Add aromatic vegetables like onions, garlic and carrots to the same oil, allowing the juices of the meat to blend with the flavors of the vegetables. When these items are cooked down a bit, deglaze the pan with a bit of red wine and beef stock. Add any other items that you want in the dish to the braising liquid. Re-season the meat from earlier, and put it all back in the liquid, turn down the heat on the pan and let simmer until the meal is completely cooked and the liquid has thickened a bit.

This simple recipe is just one way to utilize a braising pan to create quick simple dishes that will be sure to please customers. The economy and versatility ensures that it will be a useful addition to your stock of restaurant equipment


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