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Braise Your Meats In A Braising Pan Or Tilting Skillet

Braise Your Meats In A Braising Pan Or Tilting Skillet

High-quality meat can be prepared in various ways, but many people enjoy their cuts to be tender and juicy. Meats that create their own gravy when they are cut into are often a favorite, as diners can use the glaze to add more flavor to their side dishes. However, it can be difficult to prepare steaks and other cuts without the proper restaurant equipment.

 The Groen Braising Pan, for example, is a top-of-the-line machine that can create delectable meals for people to enjoy. Braising is a multi-step process in which cuts of meat are seared with fat in dry heat before they covered in water and cooked at a low temperature for a number of hours depending on the type of meat. Tough meat products that are braised become more flavorful as they absorb the ingredients that are part of their recipes.

Restaurant owners who want to create a more diverse menu full of juicy and tender products should invest in a Pressure Braising Pan. The machine can help chefs prepare and cook appetizing meals for their guests with relative ease. When stocking a professional kitchen with the necessary equipment, restaurant owners should include a high-quality braising pan to attract hungry guests.


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