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Fruit Arrangement Kitchens

Fruit Arrangement Kitchens

While fresh flowers have been the traditional favorite for gift delivery, a food-based service has taken a huge chunk out of flower delivery profits: fruit arrangements. These shops handcraft fresh fruits into beautiful arrangements that mimic flower bouquets - but with the added bonus of a tasty treat! For fruit arrangement establishments, the kitchen and shop equipment must be tailored to this specialty service.

We can all probably guess some of the basics that go into these specialty kitchen setups. Here are some of the pieces of kitchen equipment that you’ll absolutely need if you’re considering opening a fruit delivery service of your own!

  1. Cooler : Whether you’re opting for a reach-in unit or a walk-in cooler, you’ll absolutely need a refrigerator of some sort to ensure that your fruits are kept at a constant, cool temperature right up until delivery. Because these services tend to bring in a lot of business, the walk-in unit is optimal. Speak with our designers to go over your individual needs and store setup to see what will work best for you!

  2. Refrigerated Display Case : While some fruit delivery services solely focus on deliveries, many are now opening a small storefront as well for passersby and for customers to order in the shop. Thus, a refrigerated display case is essential for those ‘grab-n-go’ customers.

  3. Chocolate Display Case : If you’ve got ample room for display cases, you’ll want to also consider adding a chocolate display case. Fruit delivery services have taken to dipping fruits in chocolate, but they’re also offering handcrafted chocolates as an additional purchase to their main selections. A chocolate display case is a perfect way to showcase your chocolate creations.

  4. Slicer : While you’ll certainly be cutting many fruits by hand, the job can be made much easier with a produce slicer. Use these to cut fruits to equally-sized slices to maintain consistency in your arrangements. It will help cut down on waste and ensure that you’re using exactly the amount of fruit you intended.

  5. Peeler : Pineapples are a great addition to any fruit arrangement, and a pineapple peeler/corer will certainly make your job much easier! Pineapples have a tough exterior and are generally considered a large fruit in comparison to their dwarfed counterparts like apples and oranges. This specialty peeler cuts down on time and effort, helping you crank out more products and bring in more profits.

Fruit arrangement delivery services are trending, and they’ll continue to do so as long as folks continue to have a sweet tooth! Make sure to check with your local codes while you stock your kitchen, and don’t forget about your refrigerated delivery van to ensure that your products get to customers at a safe temperature.


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