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Should Your Restaurant Use Gas Or Electric?

Should Your Restaurant Use Gas Or Electric?

A restaurant can become an expensive investment. Not only do owners have to worry about the staff, location, atmosphere, and menu, but they must also take into consideration the most important feature of all, the restaurant equipment. Having trusted and reliable restaurant equipment is crucial to having a well-maintained kitchen.

When it comes to choosing a range for your cooking needs, the issue of using gas vs. electric is sure to create debate. Here are some things to keep in mind for both types of ranges, according to Top Ten Reviews.

Electric Ranges are universally cheaper than their gas counterparts to purchase and install as they require power outlets rather than a natural gas source. This could potentially save on overhead cost and allow for funds to be allocated for other types of restaurant equipment needed for the menu.

Additionally, burners and surfaces are easier to clean, especially on smooth-top electric ranges which can also double as an extra counter when cleaned and not in use. Electric ranges also allow for more even heat distribution for Commercial Oven baking and provide ideal conditions for roasting.

However, electric ranges can be subject to power outages due to inclement weather or too much voltage and they are much slower to cool down after use.

Gas ranges offer much more precision while cooking as the chef can adjust the level of heat, and the flame allows for a more even distribution of heat for stovetop cooking throughout any type of pot or pan. Natural gas is inexpensive, clean-burning, and can change temperature rapidly allowing a variety of cuisines and dishes to be cooked interchangeably without disruption.

However, gas ranges are somewhat more expensive to purchase and install, and as they use natural gas as the source of cooking heat, it requires much more attention and safety precautions. Also, due to the nature of gas heat, it offers less than ideal baking conditions in the Commercial Oven as it allows for more moisture to be contained rather than a sustainable dry heat.

Overall, both types of ranges are ideal for different situations and can add a depth of variety to the kitchen. However, it is important to research trusted and reliable restaurant equipment and see what would work best for your menu.

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