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3 Dessert Ideas for the Grill

3 Dessert Ideas for the Grill

Your commercial grill probably sees a lot of action at lunch and dinnertime, while griddles are typically reserved for breakfast items. If you don’t serve breakfast, then you’re likely reserving your commercial grills for main course items across the board. But there are many desserts that can be made on your commercial grill as well, and those sear marks that makes meats so tasty can enhance the flavor profile of your desserts too! Here are three dessert ideas to use for your commercial grill

First off, let’s start by establishing the obvious fact that you won’t want to switch from meats to dessert items without cleaning your commercial grill completely. It may actually be better to have an extra grate set aside specifically for your sweeter items to prevent having a steak-flavored dessert.

Grilled Peaches with Bourbon Sauce

Peaches are a sweet dessert item that only gets better with cooking and caramelization. But what many overlook are the beautiful possibilities of a grilled peach half paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with house-made bourbon sauce. Simply commercial grill half of a fresh peach directly on the grates until there are sear marks, and be sure to have your bowl ready, as you’ll want to serve it warm with a side of ice cream. Then, finish with the bourbon sauce for a unique, aesthetically-pleasing dessert.

Grilled Pound Cake with Cherry Compote

Pound cake is easy to make ahead of time for your dessert menu, but spending a little extra prep time to sear it on your commercial grill can add an extra touch of flavor and flare to your lineup! With a house-made cherry compote topping and a dollop of fresh whipped cream to top it off, you’ve added another unique dish to your dessert lineup. Check out the recipe at Savory Sweet Life for more information.

Grilled Orange Cupcakes

Now we combine the fruitiness of our first dessert idea with the cakiness of our second for our final grilled dessert idea. You’ll need halved oranges with the pulp removed, leaving a rind cup for your cupcake batter. Then, add your house-made cupcake batter into each rind cup, wrap in foil, and place on the commercial grill to cook. This will take a little trial and error, but expect the cooking time for each cupcake to be about 10 minutes. When they’re finished, top with orange buttercream frosting and orange zest for a truly unique fruity, cakey dessert!