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Prepare Fondue Ingredients with Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Prepare Fondue Ingredients with Commercial Restaurant Equipment

Cheese simply makes everything taste better - pizza is sprinkled with parmesan, hamburgers topped with a slice of american and even cheesecake has this wonderful dairy product incorporated in its makeup. Fondue capitalizes on the idea that everything tastes better when dipped in cheese, and adding a little wine to the equation never hurts. If a culinary chef is looking to add some new items to the menu, he might consider the gooey world of fondue.

Fondue is a mixture of cheese and other ingredients that is served piping-hot in a central dish. This cheesy soup is kept liquid by a burner, and customers use little tongs to spear food and dip it into the pot. Melted chocolate is also used as a dessert, and is delicious when combined with fresh fruit.

Commercial food preparation equipment like the Robot Coupe R30T Cutter/Mixer can be used to cut and blend any necessary ingredients. Cheese needs to be combined with white wine and other spices to melt properly, and the Robot can create a uniform mix of food. Vegetables, meat and fruit are often pre-sliced to offer customers a more convenient form of dipping, and the device can be adjusted to specific settings to expedite the cutting process.


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