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The Berkel 827E Helps to Make the Perfect Sandwich

The Berkel 827E Helps to Make the Perfect Sandwich

Delis and supermarkets often have their own chefs to make sandwiches for guests. However, without the proper deli meat slicer, workers may have a difficult time crafting the perfect sub.

The Berkel 827E Slicer is a top-of-the-line machine that may assist chefs in cutting the perfect-sized cold cut for customers. Every food service operation needs the proper restaurant equipment, and delis are no different.

Consumers enter stores looking for quality meats for their lunches. Chefs waste time and money when they cut deli meat by hand. The Berkel 827E Slicer can speed up the process with its angled gravity feed. Chefs hold the desired meat at a specific angle and the slicer automatically cuts the meat to a specific size.

The Berkel 827E Slicer has a wide array of knife options. Chefs can replace the blade to accommodate specific consumer needs. The Slicer also has a permanent knife guard, which helps to make the deli more safe for every worker. Furthermore, if the blade becomes dull, there is a built-in sharpener that effectively returns the blade to its like-new state.

Delis that want to provide the perfect cold cuts for their guests may want to use the Berkel 827E Slicer for their lunch meat needs.




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