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Pork Roll Is A Great Dish For Diners And Breakfast Cafes

Pork Roll Is A Great Dish For Diners And Breakfast Cafes

If you are not from central New Jersey, it is unlikely you are familiar with the term pork roll. The Northeast calls it Canadian bacon, the Midwest call it pork belly and even residents of northern New Jersey refer to it as taylor ham. This delicious meat can be combined with eggs, bagels and other breakfast fare for the perfect meal, and cooks can use quality restaurant equipment to help prepare specific dishes.

Pork roll can be obtained from most local suppliers, and in a pinch it can be ordered from national retailers. It normally comes in what can best be described as a loaf of meat, and is typically sliced into circles and cooked on a commercial grill. Restaurants can dice it up and throw it into an omelet, serve it in whole slices as a side dish to toast and fruit or even create a breakfast sandwich. If you are serving it this way, however, you must be sure not to forget a critical step - make four equidistant notches with a knife around the circle of pork. This will allow it to curl up and cook evenly.

Establishments can use restaurant equipment like Griddle to cook pork roll in delicious and creative ways. Customers will surely appreciate this flavorful meat when it is served with yummy breakfast food.


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