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Servicing Your Steamer Unit

Servicing Your Steamer Unit

Many view steamers as a cooking tool for vegetables, but the fact of the matter is that they’re ideal for vegetables as well as seafood and other tougher items. The benefits of nutrient and moisture preservation combined with fast cooking times make it a prized niche product for many commercial kitchens. Ensuring that you’re servicing your steamer unit correctly can extend its life and keep it functioning efficiently for the duration. Here are 5 servicing tips for your commercial steamer. 

1. Check Hinges and Gaskets. After constant use over time, hinges and gaskets will naturally suffer the regular wear and tear that any functioning parts to a commercial unit would. For steamers, a well-sealed unit is especially essential to the unit’s efficiency and proper function. Ensure a tight fit by regularly checking hinges and gaskets for tears, cracks, or weak points.

2. Use Soapy Water to Clean. The inside of the cooking chamber will accumulate grime and debris, so be sure to use a mild, soapy detergent diluted with water to clean it. Drain holes should also be cleared of any debris that may have accumulated.

3. Check the Drain Line. Your steamer unit will need to drain liquid to function properly, and if this line becomes clogged, you’ll want to call a technician to clear out the blockage as soon as possible.

4. Remove Scale and Lime Buildup. Because a steamer utilizes moisture, scale and lime buildup are just a fact of life. Buildup can ruin a steamer’s efficiency by driving up energy consumption and cooking times. Similarly, the boiler will need to work overtime to compensate, which can cut short the life of your unit. Drain the broiler and the reservoir daily, and de-lime the unit as directed by the manufacturer.

5. Check the Water Filtration System Regularly. The water quality of the incoming steam should be of top priority, as limescale buildup can wreak havoc on your system. At the same time, poor water quality can impact the flavors of the foods in the steamer unit. Investing in a water filter is essential to your steamer purchase.

Your steamer unit has a better chance of living out it’s full predicted usable life and at maximum efficiencies, if you service it regularly and check all working parts on a regular basis.




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