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Benefits of Booster Heaters

You may have heard of a booster heater but overlooked the additional investment for any variety of reasons. But the fact of the matter is that adding a booster heater to your dishwashing unit can drastically decrease your energy and water consumption, creating a more efficient dishwashing setup. Booster heaters have the ability to - you guessed it - boost the efforts of your dishwasher, yielding cleaner, spot-free results. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits to adding a booster heater to your setup. 

First, let’s quickly discuss what a booster heater actually does. Booster heaters increase the water input into your dishwasher to 180 degrees, creating a hotter environment within the washer cavity. While that single action may seem overly simple to have much of an effect, the results can be drastic:

- Cleaner Dishes : When we talk about dish cleanliness, we’re talking about both appearance and actual cleanliness! As previously mentioned, the appearance of unwanted residue is greatly reduced, as hotter rinse cycles clear away stubborn deposits. Similarly, higher temperatures kill unwanted bacteria, leaving a noticeably cleaner result, as the typical chlorinated smell from a low-temperature washer is not present with high-temperature rinse cycles. This can come into play especially with dishes that are used close to the nose (think: wine glass) and with food and drink meant to be smelled (think: expensive wine!).

- Electric or Gas? : According to the National Restaurant Association, water heating can account for as much as 20% of a restaurant’s operational costs yearly! Electric booster heaters have been the traditional first-choice for restaurants, but gas boosters seem to be making a strong push into the market! Natural gas tends to heat water twice as quickly as electric and at 30-50% lower cost than electric.

- Investment versus Return : Many restaurant owners are off-put by the initial cost of a booster heater, not fully realizing the potential for financial gain in the long-run. Adding up the costs of detergents and rewashes due to low water temperatures leading to unsanitary washes and substandard results, the money saved after the initial investment of a booster heater makes up the difference tenfold! After a few years, the initial investment has been compensated, and capitalizing on instant lease prices can further help your business through the initial cost!

When looking at the benefits of adding a booster heater, they far outweigh the initial investments. Finding the right booster heater for your kitchen is as easy as measuring your existing dishwasher and matching it with the appropriate booster. I’d love to help you through the process.

Cynthia Maier



Sales Consultant


E Friedman Associates Inc