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Equipment Checklist - Read Before You Buy

Equipment Checklist - Read Before You Buy

A piece of commercial kitchen equipment is a major purchase, and so it makes sense to shop for the next big addition to your operation with thoroughness. The last thing we want when ordering online is an unpleasant surprise. The goal is to be able to immediately set up and put your new equipment to use upon delivery without any hassle.

So we put together a series of equipment checklists designed to make the process easier for you. These checklists cover all the bases to make sure that your choice of equipment fits your location and your exact needs. So before hitting that "checkout" button, don’t forget to consult these checklists first.

Ice Machine Checklist

Walk-In Cooler/Freezer Checklist

Electric Oven Checklist

Gas Oven Checklist

Steamer, Combi Oven, and Other Steam Cooking Equipment Checklist

Gas Griddles, Ranges, Fryers Checklist

Electric Griddles, Ranges, Fryers Checklist

Reach-In Refrigerator/Freezer/Blast Chiller Checklist

Dual-Temp Refrigerator/Freezer Checklist

Dual-Temp Refrigerator/Warmer Combo Checklist

Bar Refrigeration Equipment

Commercial Sinks Checklist

Warewasher/Glasswasher/Dishwasher Checklist

Undercounter Refrigerator/Freezer Checklist

Worktop Refrigerator/Freezer Checklist

Beverage Brewers and Dispensers Checklist

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