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High-Volume Prep Equipment

High-Volume Prep Equipment

Peak hours and busy restaurants benefit the most from equipment that cuts down on time and increases efficiency. The small and mundane tasks such as slicing toppings and chopping produce can eat into your labor costs. Fortunately, the restaurant industry leaders have spoken, and commercial kitchen equipment suppliers responded by providing equipment that helps to cut down on prep time and effort! Here’s a look at some of our favorite high-volume prep equipment.

Bread Slicers

Fresh-cut and house-made bread can be a strong selling point for gourmet sandwiches, and offering loaves of fresh bread for purchase can be an additional source of revenue for your restaurant! Slicing bread, while a simple task in and of itself, can shave off precious seconds and minutes from the time your chefs and employees could be spending on creating menu items and catering to customers. Bread slicers are the perfect way to slice breads quickly and efficiently so your staff can get back to more intricate tasks!


Summer is the perfect time to serve house-made juices and freshly-sliced fruit salads! An aspect to these tasty dishes that is often overlooked is the time and effort in peeling the produce. Adding commercial peelers to your kitchen for produce can quickly and accurately peel produce such as pineapples, potatoes, and other produce! With a variety of types and uses, commercial peelers are just another way to cut down on labor costs while streamlining your kitchen’s efforts.

Meat Saw

One of the best tricks to cutting down on spending is to purchase meat in bulk. An added benefit to bulk meat purchases is that you can freshly cut meats in-house, giving customers just another reason to choose your restaurant! Investing in a meat saw is essential when buying meat in bulk if it’s un-cut, as cutting large slabs of meat by hand is both time-consuming and labor intensive. Once your portions are divided into large but manageable chunks, then you can assign your best skilled chef to cutting those perfect slabs of meat for your guests!

Consider adding some of these high-volume favorites to your kitchen to increase efficiency and cut down on labor costs. Your employees and guests will thank you!